The Work

Our mission is to provide high quality medical care and care coordination to our homeless neighbors. We work with other organizations to identify people who are at risk or need urgent medical attention. We also spend time visiting established camps/communities, building relationships and providing care. Our limited mobile urgent care provides assessment, first aid, wound care, assistance with weather related injuries and advice on chronic medical conditions. We limit prescribing to conditions that don't require a lab or xray diagnosis. We realize access to healthcare can be complicated, and we do everything we can to help our homeless neighbors navigate the system. On our teams the Social Worker is often the most important person. There are many great organizations in our community who provide excellent medical services to the homeless community and one of our main goals is to help connect the people we meet with the services that are already available.


Our teams consist of a Licensed Independent Practitioner(MD/DO/NP/PA), an RN/EMT, Social Worker, and sometimes a non-medical volunteer.

We currently send out teams on Monday and Wednesday from 5:30pm-9pm and Friday from 10am-4pm. An additional team is added every other Friday night from 5pm-9pm.

First Step

We are a Free Clinic through HRSA, which allows us to provide liability coverage via the FTCA. This means that all medical providers needs to go through the credentialing process. We ask that anyone who is interested in the work come out for at least one shadowing shift prior to credentialing. Contact to set up the shadowing shift.

Still have questions? Contact Volunteer Coordinator Janell Watt at