Who We Are


We are a Portland, Oregon-based coalition of volunteer medical providers, social workers, care managers, and lay people dedicated to reaching our most forgotten citizens.

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Our Mission


To provide quality medical care to Portlanders who are facing unstable housing or are sleeping on the streets.

To meeting people where they live: in tents, in camps, in forests, under bridges...wherever humanity seeks shelter.

To collaborate with community health care providers to help access primary care, behavioral and addiction services that are appropriate and culturally sensitive.

To dedicate ourselves to community engagement and be a beacon of Portland's spirit of innovation, open mindedness, and ability to solve problems honestly and directly.

We serve not just our patients, but also our providers. We offer the Portland provider community a unique opportunity to serve and to give, with empathy and humility. In offering basic service to those most in need—unencumbered by our costly and complex bricks and mortar healthcare system—providers rediscover the joy and fulfillment of caring. It turns out this is a powerful antidote to the pervasive and devastating professional burnout experienced by many healthcare providers today.

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Failure to eliminate homelessness can be attributed to a profound failure of imagination
— The International Street Medicine Institute


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